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Top 6 Reasons Why An Invisalign Treatment Is All You Need

Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentistry, Health, Oral Health Many orthodontic treatments are available to straighten the teeth. Traditionally, having metal braces is what comes to your mind first to align your teeth and have a beautiful smile. However, thanks to modern technology, Invisalign offers the same alignment without feeling awkward. As a result, you […]

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Conventional Questions About Dental Sealants Finally Answered

Dentistry, General Dentistry, Health, Oral Health Dental sealants are coatings that protect the teeth from cavities and decay. This is used to shield the grooves of the teeth, which are also known as fissures. Sealants cover the chewing surface of your permanent molars and premolars from food particles. When these food particles are stuck in between your teeth, […]

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Basic And Deep Dental Cleaning: Outsmarting Gum Diseases

Health Your mouth is full of microorganisms and bacteria that could be harmful and good at the same time. You need to balance it out and not just rely on regular teeth brushing. A professional dental cleaning from your dentist or hygienist is the safest way to veer yourself away from oral […]

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5 types of dentures

Health Researching for 5 types of dentures to see which one is right or you? Read on to learn more about the different kinds of dentures. Traditional Complete Full Dentures Designed to replace all of the patient’s teeth, complete dentures sit on top of the gums. These are different from dental bridges, […]

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My dental filling and crown came off

Health Dental fillings are made of different materials. They can be made of plastic, porcelain or silver/gold alloy. Fillings are used to fill cavities in the teeth. Oftentimes, dental fillings either fall off or come loose due to growing decay beneath the tooth. The decay destroys the tooth, so the […]

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My teeth and jaw hurts when I chew

Health When your jaws or teeth hurt when you bite down, chances are you may possibly have cracked teeth syndrome or TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). Cracked Teeth and TMJ may exhibit similar pain and discomfort. When you feel that you have a painful jaw when chewing, you may want to […]

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