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Top 6 Reasons Why An Invisalign Treatment Is All You Need

Many orthodontic treatments are available to straighten the teeth. Traditionally, having metal braces is what comes to your mind first to align your teeth and have a beautiful smile. However, thanks to modern technology, Invisalign offers the same alignment without feeling awkward. As a result, you will no longer feel self-conscious when you smile because of the bulging metal brackets.

What is Invisalign treatment?

This treatment uses a set of clear mouth trays that are custom-fitted to your teeth. Furthermore, the number of aligners and the duration of the treatment will depend on the severity of misalignment. Typically, the clear moulds range from 20-35 aligners that you wear for an average duration of 12 up to 18 months. It is necessary to wear them for 20-22 hours to inhibit the movement of your teeth to their proper places. The clear aligners are also changed every two weeks to accomplish the treatment plan.

Most patients gave positive Invisalign reviews after their treatment. With all of its advantages over traditional braces, more and more are falling in love with this orthodontic treatment.

Six reasons why you need an Invisalign treatment

Sophisticated technology

The Invisalign treatment uses 3D technology in creating clear aligners. Thus, it allows your orthodontist to show you the step-by-step treatment plan. In effect, you will have a clear vision of how the alignment progresses during and after the treatment.

No diet restrictions

As compared to traditional braces which are fixed on your teeth, the clear aligners are removable. This way, you enjoy your favourite food and beverage without the worry of compromising the teeth adjustments. This is also one of the outstanding Invisalign reviews given by patients. However, do keep in mind to clean your aligners after every meal and don’t forget to put them back on. You don’t want any delays in the progress of your teeth alignment, right?

Shorter treatment duration

On average, the duration of the clear aligners treatment takes about 12 months for most adults. However, the treatment period for teens is longer, similar to traditional braces treatment. In some cases, teenage patients have not had all of their permanent teeth erupted. As a result, this prolongs the average duration of the procedure.

Less discomfort and irritation

Another great thing about the clear aligners is that the material used is smooth. In effect, gum irritation is avoided and wearing the Invisalign trays is not painful at all. Moreover, it is easier for patients to enjoy their day-to-day activities without dental pain, mouth sores and discomfort.

Confidence booster.

Wearing the traditional metal brackets on the surface of your teeth can be very awkward. This is especially true with teenage patients and most adults. With the help of these clear aligners, it is easier for you to smile and not worry about unnecessary attention.  These plastic aligners are virtually invisible to the naked eyes. As a result, you are more confident about meeting and socializing with others.


A common concern of most patients who hesitate to have this treatment is its effectiveness. However, many patients stated in their Invisalign reviews on how effective the treatment is. It provides even better results as compared to having traditional braces. Also, the majority of alignment issues are addressed by this clear aligners in a shorter period of time.

Most aim for that perfectly aligned teeth. Through the years the procedures and treatments offered in dentistry are becoming more advanced with the help of technology. This orthodontic treatment is a breakthrough in fixing crooked or misaligned teeth. Being virtually invisible is also a strong suit of having these clear aligners. If you want to know more about the treatment and its cost, you can contact your local dentist.

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