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Get Ready To Straighten Your Teeth Faster With Invisalign Express

Too many times you restrain yourself from showing off your smile because of that minor teeth gap. Your dentist already mentioned to you that you need an orthodontic treatment while the gap is minor. However, you’re not sure if you will get faster results with metal braces. Thanks to advanced dental technology, Invisalign Express is here to the rescue.

The evolution of Invisalign

This technology of using plastic aligners as an alternative to aligning teeth was introduced to the dental industry in 1997. To this day, the clear trays have been redesigned and improved to deliver high-quality results in less time. Traditional Invisalign was initially designed to fix misaligned teeth in 18 months with 33 trays for the patient to use.

Over time, dentists have noticed that not all patients need all those trays to get a perfect smile. Some patients need 20 clear aligners, others need 10, while others only need five trays to fix their unique dental case. The evolution goes from the traditional type to Invisalign Express 10 and 5, based on each patient’s need.

Criteria for an Invisalign Express treatment

As the name implies, this is the quickest orthodontic treatment that lasts for about six months. However, this type of clear aligner is great for patients without major malocclusion and teeth gap issues. Here’s a snapshot of the criteria that every patient should meet in order to proceed with the treatment:

  • Doe not exceed two millimetres of crowding or spacing in each dental arch
  • The incisors, cuspids and bicuspids are minimally rotated
  • Not more than two millimetres is required for the midline correction
  • The dental expansion of each arch is not exceeding to 1.5 millimetres

It’s vital that you discuss this with your orthodontist so he can assess your dental case and design the right treatment for you. If you’re one of the patients with complex orthodontic cases, then you will need a full traditional Invisalign.

Going through the Invisalign Express treatment

What a relief! Your orthodontist confirms that you’re a good candidate for this treatment. Now, he will need to take images and impressions of your teeth and have them digitalized. He uses 3D technology to plan out the expected movement of your teeth throughout the duration of the treatment. This is his basis for crafting your set of clear aligners that you need to wear at least 22 hours a day. Yes, you have to wear them even when you sleep.

Every two weeks, you get a new set of aligners that adjust your teeth back to their desired position. He will create your customized Invisalign Express clear trays until you achieve straightened teeth in six months. No worries, you may take them out when you’re eating or enjoying your favourite drinks. Quite convenient, right? Remember to brush and floss your teeth properly before putting them back on. Clean teeth make no room for bacteria to build up and do not disrupt your orthodontic treatment at all.

Three factors that make Invisalign Express treatment a stand-out


Though the Express treatment only uses a few trays, it does not mean they’re not as effective as the traditional type. The orthodontist uses the same 3D technology in creating the aligner trays so they have the same capabilities. It only uses lesser trays because it only aims to fix minor issues. Once you start wearing your aligners, your teeth will adjust their position, based on your orthodontist’s treatment plan.


The Express aligners’ sleek design gives comfort to every wearer. No more metal brackets wrapping every patient’s teeth just to get the desired perfect alignment. Furthermore, it’s easy for them to have their meals and clean their teeth thereafter.


The traditional Invisalign treatment has quite a hefty price as opposed to Express five or 10. It’s due to the lesser number of aligners needed for a full orthodontic treatment. The traditional treatment requires up to 33 trays. Now that means huge savings on your dental bill.

Now, you’re officially ready to start your Express treatment! Bet you’re checking out online to see reviews from patients who have already completed theirs. Rest assured that you’ll survive the first few days or weeks once you put on your aligners. It’s not going to be easy at the start, however, your orthodontist is always ready to guide you for a smoother transition. You can now begin to picture yourself wearing a perfect smile in no time.

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