Proven Professional Teeth Whitening Methods You Must Try

teeth whitening

You have set your goal to undergo teeth whitening treatment as one of your ways to improve yourself. As you know, self-improvement is a constant thing that you keep working on to be a better version of yourself. You don’t want to blow your self-confidence just because of teeth stains. There’s no more hesitation in meeting others and greeting them with your warmest smile.

Laser teeth whitening is one of the methods that allow you to achieve that sparkly white smile in an hour. However, this professional teeth bleaching method may not suit you. Not to worry, there are more ways than one to combat teeth discoloration.  

Professional teeth whitening methods

You want to make sure that you’re choosing the right teeth whitening method; however, you don’t know where to begin. Relax! Your dental professional is ready to help you get started. He will visually check your teeth and the level of discoloration. An oral prophylaxis may be required during your first visit, prior to teeth bleaching, for you to get maximum results. Just a heads up, deep teeth stains may not be remedied with a laser teeth whitening treatment. He will discuss with you the proven methods that you can choose to successfully eliminate teeth stains.

Peroxide teeth bleaching

Firs, the dentist will take your teeth’s impression for your customized mouth tray for peroxide bleaching. You need to wait for about 20 minutes the tray is being made. Once ready, he’ll shield your gums with a rubber or gel. He puts on an active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, onto your custom mouth tray and lets you wear it for 30 minutes. Another alternative ingredient would be carbamide peroxide.

Once the peroxide ingredient breaks down, the oxygen goes into the teeth enamel, thus making the color lighter. This bleaching process is successive so you will see your dentist more often. After three dental appointments, he’ll let you take the mouth tray with you and do the teeth whitening process at home.  


One of the main uses of dental veneers is for you to achieve whiter teeth even after deep discoloration. These dental laminates are thin porcelain shells, making them perfect coverings for deeply stained front teeth. Your dentist uses a shade guide to create your dental shells, that closely matches with your natural teeth. Furthermore, he can shape the veneers to give you a great looking smile. Porcelain is the material often used as it perfectly imitates your organic teeth. You need not worry about having a fake smile.

teeth whitening

The cosmetic dentist etches your enamel, applies a bonding agent, and carefully places each veneer on the tooth surface. He uses laser light to strengthen the bond, and repeats the process on every tooth that needs treatment. He does final touches to ensure that each laminate is shaped perfectly. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank because not all your teeth will need laminates. Two or three teeth shells can already make a difference.

Zoom teeth bleaching

This is the most advanced laser teeth whitening method that you should try. Your cosmetic dentist uses the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to boost the bleaching process in less than an hour.

This treatment still uses hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent. Your gums get the necessary protection while the bleaching agent is directly applied to your teeth. Then, the Zoom Lamp releases high energy for 15 minutes, targeting your smile area. This easily breaks down peroxide so that oxygen penetrates into the enamel to whiten your teeth. The process is repeated three times, and viola! You get whiter teeth up to eight times lighter prior to the process.

Now that you know your best treatment options, it’s time to see your dentist as your first step. Get started with an oral prophylaxis procedure and ask your hygienist about the most suitable method to whiten your teeth. Visit your nearest clinic today.