Custom Sports Mouthguards: A Necessity For Active Children

custom sports mouth guards

There’s always a sport for any season and your active children must have custom sports mouthguards so they don’t miss the fun. Sure enough, sports is not just all about leisure, winning championships and collecting trophies. It teaches your children about self-discipline, mental and physical toughness.

Being a physically tough athlete does not require only muscles and strength. Your children also need to gear up to be protected from physical injuries. As parents, it’s your responsibility to ensure that they get all the gears they need, including a customized mouthpiece. You can even select cool mouthguard designs to match your child’s character and fighting spirit.

Having said that, it’s also important to understand the rationale behind wearing a mouthpiece that’s specially made for your child. Trust your dentist that it’s not a fashion trend that your child needs to follow. There are specific advantages that your child can benefit from wearing a mouth protection.

The ABC’s of benefits of custom sports mouthguards

Acts as a shield to your child’s teeth

Children are highly vulnerable to these oral injuries when they don’t wear custom sports mouthguards. Statistics show that about 39% of mouth injuries such as cracked, fractured, or knocked out tooth are sports-related. Although they need to lose their primary teeth, it should not be in a painful or traumatic way. On a side note, you don’t want your child to miss his championship game because of a knocked-out tooth. Support him as he builds his momentum and sustains his winning streaks.

Buffer to heavy blows

Kids who play football, basketball and ice hockey are prone to heavy blows. Requiring them to wear mouthguards ensures safety in case they drop on the floor in their face. Their cheeks, lips, and tongue are also protected from cuts. Furthermore, the danger of concussions, jaw fractures and bone damage are reduced.

Teens who wear orthodontic braces all the more need the aid of mouthguards. Cool mouthguard designs are an option so that your child’s mouthpiece will compliment his braces. Orthodontic treatment are too costly for it to go to waste. Your child should be able to complete the treatment plan even when he’s active in sports. His ongoing dental treatment should not stop him either from his dream of becoming a better athlete in the future.

Customized mouthpieces give a perfect fit  

Mouth guard 

Mouthpieces are readily available in drug stores and even online. However, you don’t want to take your chances in giving maximum protection for your child. He has unique dental needs and no store-bought mouth protection could compensate for that. Poorly fitted mouthguards could potentially add dental injuries rather than give protection.

Dentists strongly recommend custom sports mouthguards so they perfectly fit to your child. Each mouthguard is molded basing on the impression of your child’s teeth. Then, using a dental alginate component, they will pour it on the mould for 30 minutes to shape the mouthguard. When the material hardens, it’s placed it in a machine for trimming. Lastly, they put the mould with the alginate mixture on a machine in 20 minutes for final crafting. Your child gets his custom mouthguard in only an hour.

Teach your child in caring for his custom sports mouthguards

Now that your child is protected every game, your duty is to make sure that his mouthguard lasts for long. You need to train him how to care and clean it before and after use. He needs to brush his teeth and rinse properly before putting on his mouthpiece to prevent bacteria build-up. The cool mouthguard designs are nothing if the mouthpiece is not clean. In fact, it’s a good breeding ground for bacteria if proper hygiene is not observed. After using, he needs to wash it with a cool and soapy water. Let sit in a clean surface for about 30 minutes so its dry before storing it in its container. This is also a perfect time for him to check for any damage, and if there’s any, you need to see his dentist right away. Aside from this daily practice, his dentist should check it during his dental appointment for an oral prophylaxis.

A parent’s job in caring for his child does not stop when the child is outside the home. Conversely, you can’t keep a child from pursuing his dream to be the next sports gold medalist. Partner with your dentist and give your active child the maximum oral protection by letting him wear his custom mouthguard.