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How to treat cavities

Cavities are the result of plaque. Plaque results from germ build up and cause tooth decay. If cavities are left untreated, causes unbearable pain or even tooth loss. There are cavity treatments in London Ontario that you can take advantage of by booking an appointment with your dentist.

Booking an appointment despite a hectic schedule is no longer a problem because there is a dentist open on weekends. Stoney Creek Family Dental accommodates weekend appointments.

Why are cavity treatments in London Ontario important?

Cavities are characterized by a hole formed on the tooth. If cavities are not treated right away,  the hole may become bigger and deeper. This may lead to tooth extraction or gum disease.

Do you need your cavity treatment done on a Saturday? A dentist open on weekends is available at Stoney Creek Family Dental.

What are the different kinds of cavity treatments in London Ontario?

The most common treatment is dental filling. The decayed tissues are removed through drilling into the damaged tooth. The treatment is completed by filling the emptied space with a filling material.  Most of the dental fillings are made with composite resin. This material is used especially on visible teeth for aesthetic purposes too.

Dental Crowns may be suggested as a treatment for a severely infected tooth. If the damage is grave, to save whatever is left of your tooth, a dental crown can protect it.

If your tooth nerves have been damaged by cavities, a root canal may be suggested as an option. Your dentist will remove the damaged nerve and fill it with a sealant.

If none of the treatments will solve the problem, the last resort will be tooth extraction.

Scheduling your cavity treatment should not be difficult as there is always a dentist open on weekends at Stoney Creek Family Dental.

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