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Emergency Dental Services’ Tips For Treating Broken Teeth

A chipped tooth is something that you don’t want to see in the mirror when you smile, not even on pictures. However, little do you know that a cracked tooth does more than damage to you than you might probably expect. Leaving it untreated may even cause you pain. Conversely, there are ways to help you restore a broken or weakened tooth without breaking the bank.

Dental bonding is a quick and easy way to restore or improve a patient’s smile. The dentist applies a tooth-colored resin material to the damaged tooth, sculpts it into shape and then waits for it hardened. Soon after, he polishes it to smooth the excess resin.

When should I consider dental bonding?

There are a couple of reasons why you may need to undergo the procedure. Today is your chance to find out the real value of the dental bonding cost:

  • To repair corroded teeth
  • To fill the gaps between each tooth
  • To enhance the feature of the teeth
  • To protect the tooth’s root

What makes dental bonding different from other procedures?

Most patients say that dental bonding is among the quickest of all cosmetic procedures. This procedure doesn’t let you wait for a few weeks to reinvent your smile. The dentist only needs to apply the material and contour it individually for each tooth that requires treatment. A typical tooth bonding procedure only takes less than a day to complete.

The dental bonding cost is also relatively cheaper compared to other dental cosmetic procedures. The procedure costs at least $800 CAD on average. Thus, making it much more affordable than other dental procedures for cosmetic purposes. However, you may want to check with your insurance company to see if your plan is able to cover for it. Most dental insurance plans cover a considerable amount for this procedure.

The procedure is also relatively painless. The only time that you might be needing anesthesia is when the dentist uses bonding to treat a decayed tooth. Compared to other dental procedures, dental bonding requires the fewest amount of enamel removed.

How does dental bonding procedure work?

The process only requires a slight preparation to complete. The dentist will check the tooth that needs treatment and change its shape. This is to prepare the tooth for the composite resin bonding. Next, he’ll use a shade guide to choose the composite resin color that’s closest to the patient’s natural teeth. The process does not often require anesthesia unless the dentist is working on a decayed tooth.

Next, the dentist will roughen the tooth before applying a conditioning liquid. These steps will help the bonding material to affix itself to the tooth. The, he will apply a putty-like resin, molds it, and smoothens it to complement the shape of the natural tooth. Afterward, the dentist will use a blue or light laser to harden the material. Once it has solidified, the dentist will trim and shape the enamel to make it appear more natural. Lastly, he will polish the tooth bonding to give it the same sheen as the rest of the patient’s teeth. The process for each tooth typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Does it require any special care?

A bonded tooth is quite simple to manage. Just like the rest of your teeth, you only need to practice good oral hygiene to maintain it properly. Although the average dental bonding cost is cheaper, you still need to manage your oral health to make it last.

Also, since the bonding material tends to chip easily, it’s best to avoid less ideal chewing habits. This should include habits such as biting your fingernails or chewing pens. It’s also best to stop munching on hard foods such as nuts and ice. It’s best to call the dentist if you notice any sharp edges around the treated tooth.

The procedure of teeth bonding in London, Ontario is ideal for patients who need to have their chipped tooth fixed in a short period. Talk to your dentist today to know your best restorative options and make that right decision!

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