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Aches To Smiles: 8 Gains Of Wisdom Teeth Removal In Markham

Dental professional explaining wisdom teeth removal to patient in Markham office.

Dental health The third set of molars, or wisdom teeth, usually come in during the late adolescent or early adult years. These teeth hold a degree of mystery and intrigue, with many patients questioning their purpose and why they often need removal. As dental professionals, we believe educating patients about […]

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Big Smiles With Tooth Implant: Types And Benefits In Markham

Hand holding a tooth implant from Markham

Dental health When it comes to missing teeth, dental implants have become a popular solution for both functionality and aesthetics. A tooth implant is a surgical procedure in Markham that replaces a missing tooth with an artificial tooth root and crown. They provide a long-lasting, durable option for replacing missing […]

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