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Invisalign Treatment: What Should You Know To Succeed?

Invisalign is a popular method of tooth alignment. For those who don’t know, this orthodontic treatment uses special trays filled with solutions to slowly shift your teeth’s positions by wearing them throughout the day and changing them at regular appointments from time to time. There’s more than just appliances here; learn all about how Invisalign works for your smile!

The Invisalign treatment

You might want to do your part in making your orthodontic journey successful. Here’s what you should learn and what you can do.

What is Invisalign?

More than just a cosmetic treatment, Invisalign is an easy and affordable way to straighten your teeth. This revolutionary clear aligner system constructed from comfortable BPA-free plastics gradually moves your teeth into position. It works its way by exerting gentle pressure on the frontmost of each individual mould while being removable. The removable feature lets you enjoy brushing and eating without having your aligners stuck in place!

When compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is a much faster treatment option. Not only do they require less time on average (12 vs 18-24 months), but there are many cases where patients can get their results in as little as 9 weeks!

Invisalign is going to be better than metal braces when it comes to comfort. People usually experience some discomfort during the first few days as their gums adjust but it’s nowhere near how much pain patients feel when wearing traditional braces. Brackets and wires can cause deep tissue injury leading to tissue damage!

How does it work?

Invisible aligners are a popular treatment for adults who want to improve the position of their front teeth. The method involves applying the solution to your dentin, which reduces collagen and moves underlying structures into desired positions as it weakens over time – finally helping you achieve better oral health!

What are clear aligners known for?

Invisalign aligners allow you to have the perfect smile without anyone noticing. They’re popular among people who do not want their orthodontic appliances noticeable. This is important especially during business meetings or social events because they can blend in seamlessly with your teeth and skin, making it easy to be discreet!

How long does the treatment last?

Straightening your teeth can be a long and tedious process, but it is worth the wait! The average time needed for Invisalign to straighten one’s mouth ranges from 12 months with some people requiring less than others. Your orthodontist will discuss how you’re doing at every visit while offering helpful tips along the way so don’t get discouraged by any setbacks – just keep on trusting the process!

Do your homework

Make sure that you do your research. It is critical that you find out as much as possible about the treatment before committing to it.

The process

With this dental treatment, here’s what you can expect. 

Invisalign is a treatment for dental problems that involve wearing aligners. If you’re interested, your dentist will examine the health of your teeth. They need to determine whether or not such patients are suitable candidates for this treatment method. This process is important so they can proceed to the next process. 


The dentist then takes a mould of your teeth. Once the dentist has taken dental impressions of your teeth, they will create a 3D print model. This helps them analyze your custom clear aligners for optimal fit and comfort during wear-time. 


After about two weeks your custom aligner trays are sent to the office. By then, your dentist informs you and instructs you to return to the office for the fitting.

Beware of cheap promos

You might be thinking that you can just go with the cheapest option, but this could end up causing more problems than solutions. Cheaper aligners are often poorly made and there’s no guarantee they’ll work for your needs. In fact, many people have had unpleasant experiences when choosing between cheap clear braces!

Listen to your dentist

Throughout your Invisalign treatment, you’ll be guided by your dentist with instructions and advice about how to best use your clear aligners. Follow these wisely for successful results! 


Your dentist will share a few of these handy tips:


      • Wear your trays at least 20 hours every day

      • Clean your trays gently with a toothbrush and toothpaste

      • Use aligners according to their numerical order

      • Only wear the upper tray for your upper teeth and likewise for the lower teeth

      • Wear them correctly by using fingers to push the front to back

      • You may remove your aligners when drinking something warm or hot

      • Don’t chew on your plastic aligners

The takeaway

There can be many options to correct your teeth and improve your smile. Invisible aligners are just one of those great alternatives. These dental appliances have made many patients happier with the results. 

However, if you want to succeed with the treatment, you will need to learn about it. Most importantly, listen and follow the orders of your dentist in Newmarket.

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