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12 Oral Care Tips: Learn From Your Dentist In Newmarket

It may seem like an unnecessary task, but going into your appointment prepared will make sure that you have all the information needed and can ask any questions before it’s too late.

12 tips from your dentist in Newmarket

Here are more oral health care tips you should know. 

  1. You can look forward to your next appointment!

They say that dental anxiety is something everyone has to face at some point. It can make the experience of going to see a dentist in Newmarket stressful, but luckily there are ways for you to feel more comfortable! There are techniques to reduce the anxiety or pain you might feel during the procedure. Your dentist may offer sedation dentistry. Also, it helps if your dentist is someone who is compassionate and approachable.

  1. The power of routine dental checkups

Missing a dentist appointment can lead to serious health problems. Your teeth and gums need a thorough check from professionals like dentists, periodontists (dental experts who work with infections), and endodontists (“root canal” specialists). Make sure you go see them at least once every six months if not more often!

  1. Root canal procedures are comfortable

Root canals are always a topic of conversation, but patients often worry about how they’ll feel. With modern technology, anesthesia, and a skilled dentist in Newmarket, you won’t experience any pain! A lot of people think the procedure hurts–but it doesn’t. The inflammation around your teeth causes sensitivity or discomfort. Talk with us first to learn the options available for a comfortable dental visit.

  1. Bleeding gums? Alarming! 

You might think that your gum bleeding is just a sign of cavities, but in reality, you could be risking an infection. A lot of people don’t notice they’re causing damage until it has already been done or is showing severe signs. If your gums bleed, are somewhat tender to touch, and have changed their usual colour, see a dentist in Newmarket immediately! 

  1. Oral health = overall health

You may not have considered how your oral hygiene can affect you, but it’s important! Compromised teeth and gums lead to heart attacks or strokes. Bacteria enter through our mouths which is why regular visits from a dentist in Newmarket as well as practicing good habits like brushing twice per day will help prevent these types of disease from happening in the first place

  1. Clean your teeth after meals!

With a busy schedule, sometimes it’s hard to remember all the things we need for good dental hygiene. Maybe you don’t have time in your day or simply forget about brushing your teeth! But, what does it cost you? Plaque buildup might develop to gingivitis- an early form of tooth decay that could ultimately cause terrible damage if left untreated. The reason why your dentist in Newmarket always reminds you to brush your teeth after eating or snacking.

  1. Spit and not rinse?

To get protection against tooth decay and cavities, you should spit instead of rinse after brushing your teeth. Rinsing will only wash away the fluoride that is working on your teeth, according to your dentist in Newmarket. Besides, leaving a bit of the fluoride toothpaste lasts its effects and gives you fresher breath!

  1. Floss daily!

Flossing is an important part of dental hygiene that can reach areas your toothbrush may miss. it is important to maintain good dental hygiene by cleaning between your teeth using floss or an alternative interdental cleaner once each day, as well as brushing twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste.

  1. Pro-tip for flossing:

Follow these easy steps to ensure that you floss every tooth thoroughly! With 18 inches of string, use the c-shape method and clean around each individual dental plaque.

  1. Your tongue matters, too!

It turns out that bacteria can live on our tongues, too! When you have enough of these microorganisms living in between the taste buds then it’s likely to develop oral problems. If not thoroughly brushing your tongue gets rid of them – which may affect tasting abilities- well…that’s no fun at all!!

  1. Fluoride is a friend. 

Adding fluoride to our diets can help prevent tooth decay by making sure that your teeth have a strong enough foundation for adulthood. Brush regularly and drink fluoridated water if you want those benefits too – it’ll make life easier on both kids AND parents alike!

  1. Visit your dentist –more than once a year?

There are many reasons to see your dentist in Newmarket more often than twice a year, even if you have healthy teeth and mouth. 

Happy and healthy teeth are necessary for a great life. Visit the Newmarket dentist today to get started on this journey!

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