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Same Day Dental Crown Procedure: Instant Picture-Perfect Smile

Nothing could be more frustrating than chipping off your tooth while you’re out having fun. You might have encountered a facial trauma or bitten down on something solid. There are endless possibilities. Now, does it frustrate you even more just thinking about the days you have to wait for a fix? Introducing — same-day dental crown procedure.

This revolutionized method of replacing your broken tooth has plenty of reasons for patients to adore it. One of its advantages is right there in its name. Furthermore, here are the other benefits of this modern tooth capping.

Benefits of same-day dental crown procedure

1. Convenience

It’s pretty effortless to have a same-day dental cap. You no longer have to ask for more than a day off from work as it only entails a single visit. Furthermore, you may have it on a weekend if the dental clinic is open. Even replacing an existing tooth cap is easy with a dental crown remover.

2. Time-saving

In conventional ways, you have to return to your dentist one or two more times to have the crown installed. Each visit would also last for more than an hour. The new dental crown procedure saves you time from all the unnecessary following appointments. Moreso, its technological advancements eliminate all the manual and traditional ways of treating your teeth.  

3. No need for a temporary filling

Before, dentists use a temporary filling to protect the tooth while its permanent crown is being fabricated. That’s still risky as temporary fillings could be fragile. Now, there’s no need for that since the crafting of the same-day dental crown is right on the spot. Gone are the days when you have to wait for weeks to a month to have your final crown.

4. Comfortable

Aside from the fact that modern techniques are now swift and effective, it also provides comfort. With the help of sedation and laser dental tools, there’s no room for pain. Every step of the process is done in a snap and with precision. All you need to worry about is falling asleep on the dentist’s chair while the process is ongoing.

5. Porcelain material

Unlike metal crowns, the material used in an instant dental crown procedure is a full porcelain crown. It’s an appealing material that blends well with your natural appearance as it matches your teeth. You don’t have to deal with the dark lines of metal along the gum lines of a traditionally done tooth cap.

6. Perfect fit

Since you will be fitting your tooth crown at that same appointment, accuracy is achieved. This means that you wouldn’t have to make any adjustments after weeks of waiting for the permanent crown. You will wear your new tooth cap right after your dentist has prepared your tooth for it. It’s practically your perfect fit!

7. Everything is digital

Did you dread that putty material they use to take an impression of your teeth? Well, it’s going to be really trouble-free now because everything is digital. Taking your teeth impression is now thru laser scanning. Even making your same-day crown is done through computer technology.  


Now that you realize how fast it is to have a new dental crown, it’s time to know how it works.

After the dentist prepares your teeth, he will take the impressions. As mentioned, you don’t have to worry about gagging anymore. He uses a dental wand that actually scans your teeth structure in a swift. The data will automatically be sent to the computer software to create a basis for the 3D image of the teeth. Once it has the digital model, it adapts the computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) for same-day dental crown proceduresIn approximately 15 minutes, the crown is created and is ready to be installed.

Make the most out of your new smiles with aftercare advice from your dentists or dental hygienists.

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