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Find Out How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost To Improve Your Looks

There are quite a number of patients who experience major tooth loss after the age of 40. This realization should already be alarming. That’s why dentists are promoting the importance of regular dental checkups to their patients. Nevertheless, it’s now easy to restore your smiles with dentures. A complete or partial dentures cost is worth it when you find the right dentist and dental manufacturer.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a solution to patients who have lost most or all of their teeth. These dental replacements are a set of artificial teeth attached to a plastic base with a color similar to the gums. Furthermore, they’re available in two types which are complete and partial dentures.

Compared to a removable partial denturecomplete dentures could restore a patient’s entire missing teeth. Otherwise, if there are still a few natural teeth left, partial dentures could easily put an answer to it. If you’re here to know if there is a tooth denture, that treatment is called dental crown or bridge.

Most patients find partial dentures helpful in reinstating a smile, complete with shiny teeth set. There are a few selections depending on your preference and necessity.

Partial dentures cost and their types

1. Cast metal

This type of denture involves metal connectors and frameworks to hold together false teeth or crowns. These connectors hide behind your teeth and your palates. However, these are sometimes visible when you speak or smile.

The cast metal partial dentures cost could range from around $900 CAD to $2000 primarily because of its material. This is an acrylic-based denture that’s pretty sturdy, solid, and has a long life span.

2. Flexible

From the solid type here’s another version of partial dentures which are, obviously from its name, flexible. This type of denture uses a nylon material to fabricate the false palate support, unlike the metal ones. It’s thin and very light, making it the most comfortable in its class. Moreso, patients find it easy to get used to having their new flexible partial dentures.

On average, flexible dentures cost around $1000 CAD to $1500 CAD.

3. Tooth flipper

Your dentist usually gives tooth flippers as a temporary replacement while waiting for your permanent full denture implants. This removable partial denture replaces a lost tooth and prevents the other teeth from shifting to the gap. It also helps in avoiding the development of bone loss while the gum underneath is healing.

Generally, a dental flipper is the most affordable of the three that costs around $350 CAD to $500 CAD. It gives justice to its being temporary, however, it’s pretty convenient to use. Just ensure that if you have this on, take extra precautions not to damage it.

Well, it’s great to know these pieces of information about the dental treatment that you’re taking into consideration. Pretty sure you have more questions in mind other than knowing the partial dentures cost. Read on to find more helpful answers to your research.

Can you sleep wearing your partial dentures?

It’s not advisable to wear your partial dentures when you go to sleep. In the same way, as in most retainers, you have to take them off every night. In this way, you could clean your teeth properly as well as the dental appliance. Furthermore, your dentist might recommend a denture solution where you should place your dentures overnight. The solution preserves its shape and durability even when you’re not wearing it.

If you happen to make it a habit of sleeping with them on, you might develop thrush and a dental plaque.

Can you eat with your partial dentures on?

Relax — your removable partial denture is built mainly for that purpose. It helps you restore your teeth functions so you could enjoy all your favourite food again. However, make sure you diligently follow oral hygiene so food residues don’t get stuck in your dentures.

Complete and partial dentures would also require maintenance. If you start to feel uncomfortable with your dentures, have a same-day denture reline at your local dental clinic.

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