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Why Need A Root Canal Treatment | Newmarket Dentist

There are a number of myths surrounding root canal treatments. Many people think that the procedure will be painful, awkward or unnecessary because they don’t know what happens during one – but all these fears can easily become dismissed once you’ve had your first encounter with an experienced Newmarket dentist who performs this type often- necessary for those suffering from dental problems like decay in their teeth!

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Dental professionals should always be consulted when it comes to your teeth. A dentist can examine you and provide treatment options, or they might recommend that one specific procedure happens in order for the problem at hand not to get worse- like filling up missing pieces with porcelain veneers!

A Newmarket dentist is a highly trained professional who can do procedures such as examinations, cleanings, and repairs on teeth. They may also perform operations like fillings in order to fix problems with your smile!


One way that a dentist can save your teeth from being pulled out is with root canal treatment. A process is known as “root design,” it removes decay and kills any bacteria in order to prevent further damage or loss of function on an individual’s permanent dental health plan throughout their lifetime!


The root canal procedure can be carried out on one or more teeth. h highly recommended for people with severe toothache or sensitive teeth.

Why do you need a root canal?

The tooth pulp is the part of a person’s teeth that contains nerves and blood vessels. It doesn’t need to be removed, but there may come instances when it needs to be eliminated from your mouth. 


If bacteria can grow in this area leading up to pain or even an infection within you’ve got problems with swelling around its root. This will make any sort toughly felt by pressing on them extremely hard as well making eating difficult since we use our chewing abilities mainly for eating food items not just talking all day long!

What does a root canal procedure involve?

The first appointment involves cleaning the inside of your teeth. This is followed by an exam and then fillings if necessary, which can last up to three or four appointments total!


  1. You’ll need to make an appointment with your dentist so they can check and see what work needs to be done. Your Newmarket Dentist might also take X-rays of the area in order for them to determine how much infection there is on this tooth before beginning any treatments or procedures that could potentially cause pain, such as surgery!
  2. The dentist will shape your tooth with a diode laser, which is guided by digital X-rays. These images give the practitioner an accurate look inside of teeth allowing for more precise work to be done and better outcomes overall
  3. The Newmarket dentist will first drill into the pulp chamber and root canal. Once that’s done, they’ll remove any infected parts of your tooth before cleaning it up with a paste to get rid all bacteria from inside you mouth! You can expect this process take about 20-30 minutes total including checkups along the way so don’t worry if it’s longer than expected–you’re in good hands with your Newmarket dentist. 


The dental procedure can be a good choice for people with severe pain. The process is quicker than other methods of treatment and you might not need to take any time off from work during the recovery period, which sometimes lasts only one day or so (depending on how bad your injury was). However, there will still probably come some short-term discomfort as well–this isn’t an easy decision!

What to expect

You may be discomfort during your root canal treatment, but it is worth the pain because you will have a healthy tooth again! The Newmarket dentist will use local anesthesia to make sure that there are no feelings of discomfort or irritation after surgery. They may also give some medicine beforehand in order for them not to see any signs of infection when performing this procedure on me/you. 


The first step would involve drilling tiny holes into my teeth so they can get access deep inside where decay has taken place; next up comes fibre optics- these lights help illuminate what’s happening within your teeth. 


Root canal treatment involves the removal of the tooth pulp, which can cause pain and swelling. Your Newmarket dentist may advise you not to eat hard foods after this procedure for fear that it could disrupt healing or even cause infection in other areas around your mouth where there are no teeth anymore due to root damages from years ago – but don’t worry! This is usually temporary as long as we have sufficient fluid inside them at all times; however, if necessary medication such as ibuprofen will help reduce discomfort until things settle down again on their own accord within six months time frame. 


After the procedure, your tooth may feel a little sensitive. You should brush your teeth gently to avoid dislodging the filling. The dentist in Newmarket will give you advice on caring for your tooth.


If you need a root canal procedure, then book through oasisparkdental.ca. We will be happy to help you.

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