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Do You Need Mouthguards? Ask Your Markham Dentists

Wearing mouthguards is the best way to protect your oral health from significant damage. The protection it offers will even potentially save you more expensive treatment down the line! Your Markham dentist can help explain how this helpful technology works and what types there are available for purchase, as well as give advice on whether or not they’re suitable for you.

Mouthguards are protective devices

Mouthguards are protective wear that covers your teeth to avoid injury and prevent grinding. There are three types of materials used in making them, each with its benefits:

  • Boil-and-bite mouthguards

The protection that mouthguards provide is valuable. They can prevent damage to your teeth and gums while you play contact sports or if you grind your teeth at night while sleeping! Your Markham dentist will show how wearing an effective guard could help save money in future treatments. By protecting oral health from significant harm now instead of waiting for problems later down the line –you will definitely be saving more expensive procedures in the next days to come.

Before using a boil-and-bite mouthguard, start by heating water. Once it boils, submerge the product. Do this for a few seconds to a minute to make sure the material softens. While it is still malleable, place the mouth guard over your teeth and bite down to create your teeth mould. This technique ensures the fit and comfort of your mouthguard.

  • Custom-fit mouthguards

Your Markham dentist can create a custom-fit mouthguard to ensure you have the best night’s sleep possible. If grinding or snoring is causing problems for your airway, tooth discomfort and/or reduced oral function then your dentist offers many options that will help improve these issues including personalized fit appliances. 

Visit your dentist and expect a multiple-step procedure, including examination and taking your teeth impression. You can rest assured that your dentist does this to get accuracy in creating your custom mouthguards.

  • Stock mouthguards

With all the protection stock mouthguards offer, they’re not very comfortable and may be inadequate for some patients. Many Markham dentists don’t recommend them because of their limited effectiveness compared to custom-fitted ones that fit correctly around your whole tooth structure. Suffice it to say, the other types of mouth guards offer better in terms of overall protection as well as comfort. 

 Find the right mouthguard for you by consulting with your dentist. A quality product should allow full breathing and not be uncomfortable at all!

Why should you wear a mouthguard?

Mouthguards are an excellent way to protect your teeth and gums from injury, especially in sports where there is often body-to-body contact. They come with different types of designs so you can find one that fits well according to the size or shape of your mouth! What other benefits do mouthguards offer? The Markham dentist reports here on some additional advantages of using this type of dental protection:

Reduces the risk of dental injuries

The dental consequences of playing sports can be more severe than they seem. The pain from a lost tooth may be intense, and it’s essential to protect your oral health while enjoying life! Ask for recommendations about mouthguards so you don’t end up with any other damages or illnesses down the line. Athlete-friendly Markham dentists are always happy when patients take care of themselves. Sportspeople should be asking about safe practices before entering into activities like football where there could potentially risk your teeth!

Prevents chipped teeth

Grinding your teeth at night may cause damage to the layer of enamel on top. This is why it’s important not only for you but also for every other person who grinds their tooth all day long! If this sounds like something that would bother YOU, then get yourself some mouth protection from our clinic so we can help protect those precious pearly whites with a dental guard like no other.

Reduces signs of snoring

If snoring occurs due to clenching while in bed, this causes obstruction for the passage of breath-taking sound waves. Using a mouthguard will help prevent any loud snoring from disrupting you and your family’s peace while asleep! 

 The dentists at Markham have everything necessary when deciding what kind would work best with one’s unique situation. Every person has different dental needs based on factors making sure they find something comfortable enough yet providing adequate protection against teeth damage.

Alleviates TMJD

If you have temporomandibular jaw disorder or TMJD, the dentist recommends using a mouthguard every time you go to bed. One, a mouthguard can reduce the pain and tension in your jaw muscles by relaxing them! This helps protect teeth from being damaged due to nighttime grinding that may happen when people sleep restlessly. 

Creates a healthy sleeping pattern 

Mouthguards also come with breathability options so users won’t experience sleep disruption. 

Choosing the correct type of mouthguards

We help protect your teeth, gums, and jaws from potential injuries during sleep or sports-related activities with our custom-fit mouthguards. Get a quality product by contacting the dental team and Markham dentist today!


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