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Reasons and Cost of of Tooth Etraction

Some teeth, especially those that have been severely damaged by decay or cavities need to be pulled out or extracted. There are instances when your dentist attempts to save it by putting a filling or a dental cap on it. If the repair is impossible, the best option is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction may not sound exceedingly pleasant to the ears. Despite that, it may be the best thing to do in order to save the other teeth and keep your mouth healthy. Simple Tooth extraction costs varies on the case of the patient.

There are quite a number of reasons for tooth extraction. These are some of the reasons:

  • Orthodontic treatment – Some patients who undergo orthodontic treatment or those who have braces need to have either one or two teeth removed to properly allow the device to align the teeth
  • Chemotherapy and Organ recipients – Chemotherapy drugs make one’s bones weak and prone to infection. Patients under chemotherapy are prone to teeth infection and extraction. In the same light, due to the maintenance medication of organ transplant recipients, drugs also make their bones weak and prone to infection.
  • Malpositioned teeth or Extra teeth – Patients who have teeth that have sprouted in a different position, may possibly hinder the growth of other teeth. That is why they need to be extracted.
  • Severe damage to the tooth due to trauma – If the teeth have been severely fractured, broken or chipped, then it may need to be extracted to prevent further damage.

Tooth extraction cost starts at about $140 CAD. This depends whether the patient is a child or an adult. Another factor that also contributes to the tooth extraction cost is the complexity of any other procedures done along with it.

Dentists recommend frequent visits to Dental Clinics. The dentist of your choice has to be  masters of their craft for at least a decade and tooth extractions are one the most common cases they handle.