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Bring Back Your Confidence And Smile With A Dental Bridge

Let’s admit it, we all have our cheat days. And it’s hard to resist those cravings especially when you’ve been on a diet for so long. However, it’s hard to eat well when you have a missing tooth. Even more, these gaps usually get in the way when you talk, making you self-conscious. Conversely, a dental bridge may just be able to help you solve your problems.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge, otherwise known as a pontic, consists of a false tooth supported by dental crowns. The dentist bonds the dental bridge onto each abutment tooth for additional support.

A typical dental bridge cost may vary depending on the material used to produce the dental appliance. Zirconium, a metal that almost shares the same quality as ceramic, costs more because of its advanced features.

Why does a patient need a dental bridge?

Missing a tooth, or worse losing an entire set of teeth, may affect a patient in several ways. Aside from restoring your smile, it also helps maintain your facial structure. Having a dental bridge also aids a patient in chewing food. Thus, helping him get the nutrients that he needs. Moreover, it also improves a patient’s speech as well as his pronunciation.

How does a dentist install a dental bridge?

Pre-appointment: Assessment

The first step that a dentist needs to take is to assess the missing teeth. He has to know whether a pontic is the best way to resolve the patient’s dental problem. To find out, the dentist will examine the area and will take a few X-rays of the jaw for a proper prognosis. It’s essential to let the patient know of all the possible cosmetic dental options available for him. It’s also best to let him know of the type and designs of the bridge applicable. Doing so will make it easier for the patient to decide whether to go with a pontic or not. The dental bridge cost will depend on the type of dental bridge that the patient needs. A traditional one costs $2000 CAD to $5000 CAD, which includes one pontic and a dental crown.

First appointment: teeth preparation

Most bridges typically rest on the healthy teeth for stabilization. The dentist will shape the tooth to prepare it for the procedure. This will be based on the dental bridge that it’ll be fitted. He will use a local anesthetic to ensure that the patient will stay relaxed until the procedure is complete. The dentist will make sure that the bridge will fit snugly between each of them once it’s placed. The prosthetic should have an almost identical sheen to the surrounding teeth so that it’ll look natural.

Second appointment: placing of a permanent bridge

The second appointment may happen as soon as the dentist has the custom dental appliance ready for installation. Once again, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure. Doing so helps alleviate the patient’s discomfort once the dentist puts the bridge.

He needs to remove the temporary before he places the permanent dental bridge. He should also clean the underlying teeth if needed. The dentist will then use dental cement to lock the dental bridge in place.

The patient will immediately see the result once the dentist permanently places the bridge. He will also start to notice what it feels like as soon as he gently bites on the teeth together. However, the feeling will wear off entirely in a few moments.  Just like any other procedure, aftercare and good oral hygiene is a must to ensure that his full bridge implants will last. You may need to ask your dentist on how to properly take care of your oral care every time you seek dental advice.Don’t hesitate to ask help from a dentist who knows a lot about tooth bridge in London, Ontario. If maintained properly, it’ll last for more than a decade, making the dental bridge cost worth it.

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