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Instant Teeth Whitening Dentist: Risks And Benefits

If you want a brighter smile, you might want to consider instant teeth whitening! It might seem like an instant fix but there are many things that go into this decision. You need to make sure the procedure will work for your unique needs and preferences as well as what type of results are best suited.


Instant teeth whitening dentist

The desire for a better smile is universal, and many people have turned to instant teeth whitening as an easy way of achieving that. Many clinics now offer two different methods in order to provide you with the perfect teeth colour!


To improve the appearance of your smile, you can either bleach or paint it. The dentist will need to perform a dental examination on-site so only those who are healthy enough should be suitable for the treatment!


Teeth bleaching

Instant teeth bleaching is a great option for those who want their pearly whites back in an instant. The Vaughan dentist will apply whitening agents to the patient’s teeth, which break down stains on your enamel and make you look decades younger!


One of the most popular methods for instant teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide-based gel. The dentist will place your mouth in a UV light, and you’ll be done within minutes!


Dentists can also use carbamide peroxide-based gel to make teeth whiter. This type of treatment requires the patient wear special mouth trays that will fit their unique dental needs and see you back in about thirty minutes after they are applied, so time is not wasted on waiting around for other appointments or meetings.


If you have stubborn stains on your teeth, like coffee or tea staining them brown, no stain removal gel seems to do the trick. Your dentist may recommend using laser teeth whitening instead which is more intense than bleachings gels but still controlled so it doesn’t damage surrounding tissue while breaking up colour fast!


Teeth painting

Another way to whiten your teeth is by painting them. If you’re pregnant, though—or plan on becoming pregnant soon, the dentist may not recommend this as a precaution because it could harm the developing baby in utero.


Cosmetic tooth paint is unlike other instant teeth whitening products in that it only lasts a brief time and does not penetrate the enamel of your teeth. It’s applied similarly to how nail polish can be: You brush on colour, let dry then go about one’s day with this cool new look!


The greatest problem with white tooth paint is that it won’t penetrate the enamel and therefore can’t whiten your teeth or reduce stains on them in any way! It may turn out instantly bright, but you’ll still need to see a dentist for retouching later down the line.


This product is likely not going to deliver on its claims because cosmetic paints don’t stick well with hard surfaces like your teeth!


Is there any drawback?

Whitening teeth is not a one-time deal. You’ll need to keep coming back for regular sessions with your dentist so that stain on your enamel doesn’t come back!


Instant teeth whitening is an option for people who are looking to change their smile. This can be done in the dentist’s office or at home with special kits that include bleaching gel or trays that you attach to your teeth.


The decision whether this treatment should even happen comes down mostly on personal preference; however, the cost may play a role as well – especially if insurance will cover some portion or all thereof.


Some people are not right for this treatment. It’s important that you know the risks and possible side effects before getting started, so make sure your dentist is a good match!

The whitening agent contains potent chemicals which could damage the mouth if used without professional help. It may also cause teeth sensitivity or even permanent damage in some cases. But, don’t worry because there’s always hope by limiting how often we use these products over time and making sure they’re applied correctly.


After each session, your instant teeth whitening dentist will recommend that you brush thoroughly to avoid damaging them. Brushing is very important as it can prevent abrasion and also remove any residual bleaching agent from the surface of our tooth enamel which might lead us into having some dental problems in the future!


Instant teeth whitening can be an affordable way to get whiter teeth. Some sessions cost only $80 while others can be more expensive. But, the average price range for this treatment falls between $100 to $300 in some clinics. If you have dental insurance, this might come in handy.


Teeth painted with bleaching agents are much pricier than just using bleach – some people may not want their smiles altered in such a way. So, they might prefer something else instead like bonding or polishing which both come out beautiful yet still maintain function at work properly every day.


What are your other options?

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent choice for instant teeth whitening because it removes stains quickly and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. It’s safe to use multiple times in one day, so long as you don’t exceed the dentist-recommended amount! It’s more effective than other options such as strips or trays, but you should only use it once on any given day because of possible adverse effects like sensitivity that could happen afterwards if not regulated properly with restorative care.


Consult your dentist

The decision to go through with instant teeth whitening is not one that should be taken lightly. It can have many side effects, and there are always going to remain some risks even if the treatment itself goes smoothly.


For those who suffer from stubborn stains on their pearly whites without any hope of relief by traditional methods like brushing or flossing consistently each day, they’ll find success using this technique! My City Dental offers professional guidance so you know what steps need to be taken next before coming into our clinic doors.

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