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Dental Implants: A little uncomfortable, but good for you

Today, dental implants have become quite a popular choice for better oral health. They may give you a little discomfort during the actual procedure, but can bring you the benefits you need.

Here are some of the aspects of dental implants that you may need to know:

Better Look, better confidence

Dental implants are designed to be fused to the bone. That means that it will look and feel like real teeth. This process involves putting a frame in your jaw bone that support artificial teeth. They are made to be permanent, giving you the assurance that your teeth won’t fall out (and turn it into one of your most embarrassing moments) anytime.


Unlike conventional dentures that require messy dental adhesives and having to remove them regularly for cleaning, dental implants are designed to look and function like real teeth. In other words, all you need to maintain them is brushing regularly and the occasional trips to your dentist (like you would with your real teeth).

Better Oral Health

Dental implants make it easier to access in-between teeth, thereby making it easier to floss, brush and clean. That means better hygiene and overall oral health. Another aspect worth mentioning is that unlike tooth-supported bridges that may require reducing or cutting nearby teeth as support for the dental bridges—dental implants don’t require nearby teeth to be altered. However, it requires a surgical procedure of attaching the metal to your jaw bone.

Improved Comfort and Durability

With dental implants, you get to speak better, eat more comfortably and painlessly. You will not have to worry about the usual problems of traditional dentures, such as falling off, discoloration, breaking and other issues. In fact, some high-quality dental implants can last for quite a number of years—and may even last for a lifetime.