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Dental Implants: Safe for me

Missing teeth can be embarrassing while dentures can feel uncomfortable. If you need artificial teeth but don’t want to wear any of the above mentioned, dental implants may be the right dental procedure for you.

Dentists have been using dental Implants for about fifty years. With technology, it has continually become more modern. Dental implants are intended to replace missing teeth. A lot say that although it may be uncomfortable during the actual procedure, it is reliable. As it is a minor type of surgery on its own, it should only be done by a highly skilled professional dental practitioner. Expertise in this procedure takes years and years of practice. Many people try to veer away from this due to the possible pain during a procedure.

Before getting dental implants, your dentist will check whether you have healthy gums and a good bone density. This is a requirement for proper implant support. As a patient, you should maintain a high level of oral hygiene and be free of cavities. Gum diseases or tooth decay will be treated first before you can proceed with dental implants. A thorough examination of your mouth will be done including 3D images and x-rays. Your dentist will discuss your options before planning and scheduling your dental surgery.

In most cases, dentists use titanium alloy due to its benefits. Titanium is less expensive than other materials. It can also last up to twenty years depending on what age you get the implants. For most, it may last a lifetime. Dentists also choose titanium due to its durability. It isn’t prone to breaking or loosening.

In general, dental implants are a safe and convenient way to replace missing teeth. It is permanent and restores the normal functionality of your teeth. Although dental implants may have side effects; proper health care and regular visits to your dentist can prevent it.

If you have any chronic illness such as diabetes or allergy to metals, make sure to advise and discuss it with your dentist to avoid health complications.