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How Dental Procedures Benefit From Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a modern technological system that is slowly replacing the use of traditional tools in dental procedures. Many clinics now use this technique to bring comfort and safety to both their practitioners and patients. 

More patients are now looking forward to their dental visits due to this revolutionary change. Among those dental procedures, laser dental cleaning has become the most popular because of its quick and impressive results. Here are other dental treatments that are taking advantage of the benefits of laser technology.   

Tooth decay removal

When a tooth has decay, cavities in the form of black spots and holes appear. Dentists should remove this disease or else it will damage the entire teeth. Furthermore, it results in tooth extraction and the spread of infection. Having said this, your dentist uses laser dentistry to accurately remove the decay and preserve the undisturbed tooth structure. The same laser polishes the tooth for the filling process. All these are done without using sharp tools which can be messy and uncomfortable. 

Root canal therapy

A tooth may require root canal therapy if its roots have been infected due to severe trauma. This infection causes dental pain and may affect the neighboring teeth if there’s a  delay in treatment. With laser dental cleaningit’s easy to access the affected site and desensitize the disease. 

Lesion removal

Aside from infection, laser technology is also efficient in removing pieces of soft tissues. Patients who are suffering from serious canker sores may benefit from this technique as it’s painless and quick. This focused laser will remove the affected tissues without disturbing the healthy ones. Even those who need a biopsy for oral cancer screening could also take advantage of laser dentistry. 

Gum reduction

Not only general dental procedures find this modern method favourable. It is a perfect technique for cosmetic dentistry as well. Gum reduction is a procedure dentists recommend for patients who have a gummy smile. Moreover, the process is also an option to prepare a tooth for restoration. With the use of a laser, it’s easy to contour the gums and provide better aesthetics. 

Teeth bleaching

Laser dental cleaning and bleaching is another cosmetic treatment that patients enjoy. In just a few minutes, your teeth will achieve 10x brightness after the application of this method. It is completely safe, comfortable, and instant making it the ultimate patient-friendly procedure. 

With these advantages, dentistry will eventually erase the wrong perception patients have about dental procedures. If everybody becomes aware of how important professional dental care is, there’s no more crying over dental pain.  

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