My dental filling and crown came off

Dental fillings are made of different materials. They can be made of plastic, porcelain or silver/gold alloy. Fillings are used to fill cavities in the teeth. Oftentimes, dental fillings either fall off or come loose due to growing decay beneath the tooth. The decay destroys the tooth, so the tooth can no longer hold the filling. When this happens, the filling and crown can no longer hold on to the tooth and may slowly come off. When you encounter a broken filling, it would be ideal to see your dentist immediately.

If immediately going to the dental clinic is impossible, you may do the following home remedies as first aid.

If you still have the crown of the tooth, you may try to cap it back on. Before you do so, clean the crown very well. Coat the inside of the crown with dental cement, so it’ll serve as the adhesive to the tooth. Dental cement is widely available in the drugstores. If it isn’t, you can alternatively use a denture adhesive to temporarily fix the cap of your broken filling.

If the two above-mentioned are still not available, you may use petroleum jelly to temporarily glue the crown back to the tooth.

If you’ve lost the dental filling or crown, you may directly put dental cement on the tooth so that it’ll have a cover and prevent food particles from getting in it. The dentist can easily remove the cement, so you will not have to worry about that.

Once you get to the Dental Clinic, your dentist would definitely check your tooth in case of added injury such as chips or fractures. The dentist will then clean the decay off the tooth and create a new filling for you. As a final touch, a temporary filling for broken tooth is finished with a dental crown to conceal the filling and add to the tooth’s aesthetics.